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We are committed to becoming one of the best suppliers in the life science translation industry
We focus on providing precise medical translation
Our translation solutions are able to meet the language needs of each stage in the product development life cycle. We truly understand that quality translation is vital in the field of life sciences and that mistranslations can be fatal. We adopt advanced industry-standard processes, and we are also flexible enough to react to each client's real situation to help their company succeed.
We can help you go global
CODEX Translation boasts experienced and dedicated global intellectual property translation experts to provide you with high quality IP translation and trademark translation services while adhering to strict regulations. We can help you achieve proper, accurate, sustainable and regulated requirements throughout the entire submission process. We ensure that our clients receive the relevant certifications necessary for successful entry into emerging markets.
CODEX-Well-Known Translation Service Brand
CODEX is certified by ISO9001:2015 and ISO17100:2015 Translation Quality Management System for the strict quality control process.
Biotechnology, Medical Health, Medical Devices, Genetic Engineering, Food Safety, Intellectual Property, Invention Patent, etc.
Drug Instructions, Drug Testing Report, Pharmaceutical Professional Literature, Subtitles for Medical Videos/Audios, Medical Papers, Abstract Translation, Patent Translation, etc.
Full-time translators with rich translation experience in specialty fields and over 80 languages can be processed with high confidentiality.
Efficiency and Precision
We have accumulated a huge terminology corpus and established a complete system of quality control, progress and emergence management.
Immediate Translation
CODEX-Standardized Translation Process
Providing you with the most accurate translation services with wisdom and technology
Project Processing
Pre-sale: analyzing project requirements, matching the translation team and corpus resources, developing project solutions, and signing confidentiality agreements by relevant personnel.
Professional Translator
Matching a team of professional translators according to project needs, and checking the translation quality to ensure the uniformity of terminology and sentences.
Full-time Revisor
Reviewing the accuracy of the translated document to ensure that the translation is faithful to the original and that the terms are expressed accurately.
Typesetting & Proofreading
Gathering all the translations, proofreading, reviewing for the second time, preventing mistranslations and omissions, and designing and outputting the translation in accordance with the client’s needs.
Delivering the quality-ensured translation on time in accordance with the client’s requirements. Updating our terminology corpus and maintaining confidentiality.
After-sale service
Collecting the client’s feedback, providing 7*24 hours after-sale service, and supporting to add a seal of us.
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Who We Are
As one of the few medical translation suppliers in China that have been certified by ISO17100: 2015, we have been providing life sciences translation services, localization services and intellectual property translation services since our founding 16 years ago.
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